Speaking & Training

“Clients no longer want to hire speakers. They want to hire smart people that happen to speak” –Brian Palmer, National Speakers Bureau, Chicago

Do you know that there are great speakers that sound good and look good but in the end really never deliver results (unless entertainment is the result)?

They come in, pump up the crowd and everyone is excited to learn.  The audience is mesmerized at their proficiency and talent.

Shortly afterwards the excitement wears off and what results have transpired?

Did the attendees listen or did they LEARN?

Do they know about or KNOW?

Were they pumped up with motivation or INSPIRED to take action?

Some speakers are trainers and some trainers aren’t speakers.  If measurable results matter and you have a choice, choose a trainer that is skilled in accelerated learning technologies–methods that help the group assimilate faster, assimilate more and most importantly retain what was trained.

Thomas isn’t just a speaker and ordinary trainer, he creates EXPERIENCES & RESULTS.  He has incredible energy and the crowd always benefits from the accelerated, interactive learning space that he creates.

He can speak or train on a variety of topics from developing dynamic communication skills that allow you to deepen the level of connection you want, to creating the mastermind groups and other “conscious collaborations” you desire.

Having experience as a ‘Master of Ceremonies’, Radio Show Host, & Provocative Interviewer, Thomas is comfortable with any size audience from a local coffeehouse roundtable, conference or television interview.