What They Are Saying

Relationships just may be the single best success accelerator around. Thomas, that one connection you helped me make turned into a long term relationship that will easily generate $50,000 or more in revenue plus genuinely serve both our client group’s best interests. This is how I like doing business–in ways that create value and serves all the player’s best interests. Thank you for your incredible networking skills to make that happen. -David Finkel, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of, The Maui Millionaires & Co-creator of The Maui Mastermind.

The radio interview went FAB-U-LOUS this morning. Thomas Mangum is a freaking brilliant interviewer  —Amy Wenslow, CEO,

Later on…. “Thomas, our clients and prospects are raving about the warmth, commitment, and connection they heard in the Virtual Coffee Radio interview you hosted. Prospects have turned the audio link into viral marketing for us by forwarding it to their board of directors, investors and even more entreprenuers! The interview showcased Products To Profits’ company values of integrity and respect brilliantly. You’re the most effective, genuine relationship building expert I’ve met. Anyone interested in real-world, practical results from relationship building has to work with you.” Also, a meeting organizer that invited me to speak at an event, shared the link to generate buzz and directly resulted in more traffic to the event. —Amy Wenslow, CEO,

“Thomas Mangum is an awesome trainer! He has helped us in providing top notch support and training to our clients which resulted in an instant profit gain on one project of over $75,000. I was impressed with his ability to master the materials so well that he became not just the expert, but was also able to make our training much better with his own improvements.” Peter Conti, CEO,

“Thomas is an extremely motivated and challenging Business Development Trainer and Coach.  His deep insight into an individual’s position, either in work or in personal life, offers a great prize in truly seeking one’s full potential. While he is one for continuing education and growth he expects and maps out clear and concise ways for his clients to do the same for maximum achievement. This recommendation comes with great honor and humility.”  —Nick Petro, founder, MPowered Youth

“I really liked that you challenged everyone to dig deeper into their experiences and bring them out, but did so in a positive way.  You have a great ability to read people and have them get personal without feeling uncomfortable (….or at least TOO uncomfortable!)  Sue and I were were really inspired.  We talked about it for days!” — Laura K, Programs and Outreach Coordinator, Hosteling International- San Diego Council

“Thomas creates the right mixture of support, inspiration, and thought-provoking insight to guide his coaching students to recognize, realize, and maximize their personal and business potential.  His style is welcoming and challenging at the same time, making you want to excel… and then illuminating the path!” – Bill M, Principal in, Risk Management Communication Firm., Vienna, VA

“Unlike the 90% of the people that I “spend” time with in my day, Thomas is one the 10% of people that I am actually “investing” my time with.  Whether it a fast ping to each of us or a structured meeting, a huge amount of investing is being done.”

“WOW!  In one hour with Thomas, he personally super-sized my already highly leveraged activities and beliefs.  He turned my velocity up by 1000%.  With Thomas as your coach, you can’t help but to succeed and become UNSTOPPABLE!

“Sometimes a simple thank you isn’t enough.  I wholeheartedly appreciate the time you took to coach me.  You have made me a better person in such a short amount of time. Thank you.  Robert Kraus,  Real Estate Professional, Abingdon, Maryland

“When I began working with Thomas, I had both personal goals and business goals written out. When we finished our time together, I was surprised to see that I had acheived my goals, seemingly effortlessly – I didn’t even realize it was happening. I am now proud to call Thomas a friend and colleague as well as a valued advisor. He truly walks the walk.” Emily Cunningham Cressey, Real Estate Professional, CCIM, Seattle, WA

“All I can say is…If you are lucky enough to connect with Thomas it will be one of the most amazing connections you will ever make in your life! His passion for helping others SUCCEED blows me away! Truly an amazing soul. Don’t miss the opportunity for him to help take you to the next level…no matter where that is for you!”, Marjean Holden, Actor, Producer, Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

Thomas is a thinking man’s man. I believe he and Al Einstein would have quite a lot to talk about.  Though, I don’t think he know much about the Chicago Bears (or cares).

I have yet to “spend” any time with him. I have always “invested” time when we are around each other.

Thomas would be a good model of what a great people would want to be “like”.
Though we all should be our own person Thomas’ personality broadcasts to us what the blue print should be like.

“In a chapter in a bible it talks about how a man was robbed and mugged by robbers.
The priests and other good people walked by and ignored the man. Thomas is the person that would help him because it was the right thing to do even though he would not have been popular in certain circles.” —David Saunders, Professional Photographer, Denver, CO.

“I feel amped to go to Maui and feel blessed to be a part of the group from today.  What an interesting and amazing group and energy. I felt at ease to go even deeper than ever before and I know that others did as well.  With that I am stoked to meet again next time and every other week thereafter if possible…I just can feel the energy and some great friendships beginning to foster…  Blessings Thomas and cheers to you for your vision.   —Nick P, San Diego, CA

“Saturday was truly an amazing meeting, and an amazing group of guys.  It exceeded all of my expectations, and I’ve already had a few shifts in my consciousness and goals.  I can’t wait to go to the next one” — James A, Real Estate Professional, San Diego, CA

“I started hiring Thomas in 2007. Since then, we’ve worked together at live events training real estate investors how to invest wisely in real estate. Thomas has been a vital part of the success of the events. He’s always been able to take the conceptual ideas and concepts, and put them into actionable steps for the attendees. We’ve always received positive feedback on his performance. He would routinely lead small break out sessions or mastermind sessions for select groups of students with great results. People came out of his sessions excited and feeling like they had achievable plans for their goals. The students routinely commented about the ‘break through moments’ they had with Thomas. Thomas was also a very valuable asset to the rest of my event staff as well. Thomas was always someone you could count on to be there, be on time and be prepared. He also brought great ideas to the group that helped us function as a more cohesive team with better results. He was always someone I could count on.”  Jeff Hensiek, Seminar Operations Manager, Mentor Financial Group, Denver, CO

“You have been a tremendous resource to me and I hope to all the other participants and can only say that you continue the good work.” —Ade, Denver, CO

“I wanted you to know that I enjoyed our talk yesterday.  I appreciate your words of wisdom and support.  I know it all comes from a good place.  I’m very honored and lucky to know  someone as caring and honest as you!  Thanks for being a positive force in my life. Amy Z., Marketing Professional, Chicago, IL

Regarding speaking and training delivery….

“Very powerful delivery”

“Very touching and powerful ending delivered in a hush of all things” — Eric Linder

“Excellent content and delivery.  11 out of 11”

“Strong opening and delivery.  Well Done.”

“Rich details, quite visual and exemplary vocal variety.  This was your most natural and exciting delivery yet!.  You brought tears to my eyes, Thomas.  Perfect subject, perfect delivery” Sue Linder

“I couldn’t stop watching/listening.  This was captivating.  I had goosebumps.  Awesome.  You have a great presense!”

“WOW Thomas, when I have kids, can I tell them that story?  You inspire me.  Your poise and confidence.  I love your gestures and how you made me easily visualize the story.  Thank you.

“Wonderful and beautiful speech.  This is why I love Thomas Mangum.  You have just raised the bar my friend” Bob Dietrich