Time To Upgrade Your Peer Group?

I hear it all the time.  “I just have to find more like-minded people”, “I need more positive people around me”, “Where can I find cool mastermind partners?”

Well here is your chance!  I’m a big believer in mastermind, support, collaboration, co-mentoring groups.  Shoot…anything that brings people together.  In fact, I’ve been a total geek about it for 8 years.

Why? Because I know (and I know you know in your heart too) that when individuals come together RESULTS happen.

Today, I want to share three powerful ways you can radically transform your your results.

1.   Take Care of Yourself BEFORE others

Yes, I said it!  To be of best service to others, you MUST take care of YOU.  Feed your body, mind and soul if you are going stay in the game and do good for others.
I see it every day as I work with clients and goodness knows it’s a smack-in-the-head-reminder to me too.  Breathing out requires breathing in or you’re going to pass out and be no good to anyone!
What does that look like?  Look at what recharges your soul — A walk on the beach, a massage, a good run, a superfood smoothie, getting a really good hug, a solid 8 hrs sleep?  Even a couple deep breaths at your desk will work wonders.  This is your choice, but you MUST, absolutely MUST do it.

2.   Hang With Your Tribe

Find “your people” and schedule time to be with them.  Your “tribe” are those people that energize and inspire you to be your best self; to do your best work.  Let the excuses go and deliberately create the reality that you want.
  • Call — Pick up the phone and call a friend that inspires you; you enjoy; that FUELS you.  Trust me, they will MAKE time if you start off with “Hey I’m reaching out because you inspire me….” or “I’m calling because I like when you….”.  Who doesn’t love that?  Tell them what they do for you.
  • Meet — Call some buds and meetup at the local pub or cafe.  Take point and make it happen (this really is doing it for you primarily and it’s a bonus that they will feel good too!)  I’m quite fond of “Walk & Talks” where I get to walk and meet with friends and associates.

3.   Build A New Tribe

If you have a great tribe around here, excellent, build on that.  If you’re being honest with yourself and want to attract a better tribe, read on.

Put yourself in situations where you are expanding your scope of influence.

It’s time again to LET GO of excuses and BE THE SOLUTION.  Deliberately allow yourself to find good people that are also looking for you.  Go to meetup groups around something you enjoy.  Join Toastmasters, go to a self-development, business-development workshop each month.  And of course, start a new mastermind group!!!  You know who to call for help with that right?

The bonus is you’ll learn something new.  The primary goal is to elevate the quality of people you’re hanging with by going to places where people like something you like.

Bottom Line:  I stress coming together with others because in the absence of knowing what to do in your life, business, relationship, whatever, someone else is the solution to that challenge–if and only IF you allow it.

Let that one sink in.  You KNOW that the same mind that created the problem, isn’t going to be the one that solves it.  Let us help you help you.

(TAKE A DEEP BREATH)  Ahhhh- it’s receiving time.  It’s breathing IN time.

Make NOW Extraordinary!