Perfection Kills

Results happen when you’re in the process, otherwise known as ACTION.

Perfection causes inaction and distraction.

And to be clear, I’m definitely speaking from my own personal experience.

Take the MastermindingNOW! company as an example.  It is a process of flying the plane and building the plane, as my friend Sharon Sayler likes to say.

It’s one of the very core differences I stand for that makes a HUGE difference in the mastermind formats I evangelize.

Get real. Get Raw. RIGHT NOW!  It will be perfect for the moment. Trust.

Several years ago, I would never have done such a thing, because it had to be perfect, right?  People would think me an amateur if it wasn’t all pretty and perfect.  Perhaps some people do believe that and what does it matter to those that have been waiting for just this resource.

My point is, please don’t wait.  Share your passion.  Do that which inspires you. Take the actions that you think may be imperfect.  It’s those consistent turtle steps that yield the results.

Does this resonate?  Share by posting a comment or sending it to someone you care about.

You see, I need you and you need me, because I know for a fact that we create more together than we can alone and as far as I know I have a very short blip on the universal timeline to make use of what I’m given.  What about you?