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Masterminding vs. Big Bloated Companies

NOW is the most critical time to come to together; to communicate; to collaborate; to contribute and make a difference in life. 

Sorry Charlie, business isn't coming back.  It's going forward!

I recall what my silent and powerful friend, Greg Hartle, founder of the Financial Happiness Project has said AND witnessed again and again…smart business today is bringing talent together for a project.  When the mission is achieved, dismissing the team and repeating again on the next project.

Consider this:

  • It's good for the organizer whereby they benefit from the unique talents and experience of different people.
  • It's good for the bottom-line of the project whereby it leverages talent only for the time it takes to accomplish the mission.
  • It's good for the talent because it specifically leverages and celebrates the talent and experience they bring.  There is a deep fulfillment in being of service in a specific area that we genuinely like. 
  • it's good for the talent's bottom-line from a financial perspective as well.  Look at this from the abundance perspective versus scarcity perspective.  "Oh my gosh where is my next gig?" vs. "People are calling on me because of my results on the last gig".

What's important here is to

a) believe that you have unique abilities and experience that will benefit others.

b) get some help uncovering those abilities.  If you're like the typical human then you have no clue what your unique abilities are.  Much like seeing that spot on your back from the same perspective another person will, you MUST have the detached perspective of another.

c) engaging with people that celebrate, champion and are an advocate for making best use of those unique abilities.  

bottom line here is It will NOT happen alone!  

It's part of the reason I chose to launch MastermindingNOW!  

  1. To champion the power of Masterminding and the Mastermind Group 
  2. To provide subject matter expertise in the area
  3. To inspire you to come together and quite simply…to START a conversation.  

There are dozens of places to learn the mechanics of mastermind groups and just as many groups called "mastermind groups" paid and free.  The true key where the team at MastermindingNOW! excel is engaging "the 1+1=3 Way"; fostering a place of trust, authenticity, abundance and harmony where "magic moments" aren't elusive, they are guaranteed

I've played a part in the success of some amazing mastermind groups including "one of the most exclusive wealth retreats in the world".  I've collaborated quietly with group after group….in the background.  And more than anything else, it pissed me off that "mastermind magic" is so elusive to the majority of the population and it's there for the asking!

Several business owners and company leaders have consulted me to help them create, accelerate and leverage results through collaboration whether they are called mastermind groups, idea potlucks,  synergy groups, among others.  

There is one common denominator with those that reach out. They believe in the sheer power of collaboration or as I call it, The 1+1=3 Way. They believe and have seen that 1+1=2 is old school, scarcity mentality crap.  

The time has come to stand up and pass forward the knowledge, resources and soul of conscious collaboration.

It truly is time to move from the boring, time-wasting, posturing, mob scene meetings to masterful mastermind moments. 

I'm proud to support you as you support conscious business and create mastermind magic moments.

As with anything in life, it's a work in progress and the only thing to do is START!

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