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The Year In Review

As I reflect on the last year or so….

  1. I'm infinitely grateful for the experiences and learnings.  
  2. I'm achy and stronger.
  3. I'm unsatisfied and happy.
  4. I have more moments of joy…because I choose to. 
  5. I'm unsettled and enjoy the variety.
  6. When I reflect on thoughts, it seems chaotic and crazy
  7. I desire more money, more passion, more juice with my life in general and specifically.
  8. I know that I'm doing the work.
  9. I know that each step reveals the next and often times I don't feel like taking that step.
  10. I'm infinitely grateful for each and every experience even if I had a temper tantrum in the moment.  

There have been ups and downs and the net result is better than before.  I believe being unsettled and unsatisfied motivates me to "do with purpose" and also reminds me to savor the harmony.  

I have a tremendous amount of experience in my short 43 years on this earth.  I have unique abilities that have been identified by a couple special people around me.  

The greatest lesson I've learned…

My deepest desire is to continue to have those abilities and experiences leveraged.  For me, I'm a team player; a connector.  I LOVE it when I'm called into action for the benefit of the team.  I'm a man of service and energy is released when I'm called to serve a cause on a team.    

There is nothing sadder for me than to work alone or be used.  Serving is different.  I feel the difference and my team feels the difference when unique abilities are engaged.  It's the breath of life….truly releasing infinite energy.

Today, I'm not in a place of deep fulfillment. I am in the process and open to a cause and team.  I know I have a purpose, even if I haven't realized it because I'm still getting up and still breathing!

I'm grateful.