The Mastermind Manifesto from Thomas Mangum

NOW is the most critical time I’ve ever seen to come to together; to communicate; to collaborate; to contribute and make a difference in life.

It will NOT happen alone!

There are dozens of places to learn the mechanics of mastermind groups and just as many groups called “mastermind groups” paid and free.  The true key where the team at MastermindingNOW! excel is engaging “the 1+1=3 Way“; fostering a place of trust, authenticity, abundance and harmony where “magic moments” aren’t elusive, they are guaranteed.

I’ve played a part in the success of some amazing mastermind groups including “one of the most exclusive wealth retreats in the world”.  I’ve collaborated quietly with group after group….in the background…until now!

I’ve entertained call after call as business owners and company leaders have consulted me to help them create, accelerate and leverage results through collaboration whether they are called mastermind groups, idea potlucks,  synergy groups, among others.

There is one common denominator with those that reach out. They believe in the sheer power of collaboration or as I call it, The 1+1=3 Way. They believe and have seen that 1+1=2 is old school, scarcity mentality crap.

And let me be crystal clear here.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re the CEO of Boeing, the Secretary of State, or an up and coming entrepreneur.  These principles are human and when you remember that which makes you human, possibility exists.  Where possibility exists, solutions happen in cooperation with collaborators.

The time has come to stand up and pass forward the knowledge, resources and soul of conscious collaboration.

MastermindingNOW! does NOT sell a bunch of products or services.  We sell SOLUTIONS!  We are the go-to source of collaboration and collaboration mastery.

Yes, it’s different.  Yes, it’s unusual.  Yes, it’s strange in today’s world of every business essentially copying each other and using the same models.

Are you REALLY looking for a fresh solution from another coaching or consulting company?

Do you expect to find an answer from the same old thing?

It truly is time to move from the boring, time-wasting, posturing, mob scene meetings to masterful mastermind moments.  It truly is time to move from the same old therapy-model coaching and consulting to granting wishes and manifesting solutions by collaborating NOW!

I’m proud to support you as you support conscious capitalism and create mastermind magic moments.  If you don’t “get it” or you aren’t curious, this is NOT FOR YOU.  You MUST know that you do your best work in collaboration with others and in the spirit of cooperation.

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