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It’s Not Marriage, It’s A Mastermind Group

A Mastermind is an Experience, Not An Academic Pursuit.  It doesn’t require in-depth study.  Just get started!

Most Critical Element of a Mastermind

The critical piece of the mastermind group after creating the structure that will work for you and yield results, is that each person be fully “present” on the other person and come away with more than they contributed.

How do I become “present” for someone?

Being present is being completely focused on the person speaking.  You’ve left judgment at the door, are open to whatever is being said and coming from a place of true service for that individual.

The reward?

Your time will come when your team is completely present for you.  You’ll actually feel a difference.   It’s a natural law of reciprocity that happens on it’s own.

You’ll “get it” once you’ve participated.  What’s really important right now is to let go of trying to figure out how it will work.  Just do it and you’ll see for yourself.  It’s an experience, not an intellectual thing to understand or figure out.  It’s meant to do.

Yielding more “magic moments” from your mastermind group is largely about getting started

Remember, It’s not marriage, it’s a mastermind group.  Use the 90 Day trial mastermind group technique I shared in the guide you can download on the right.  It will get you moving.

How is this working for you?  What questions do you have?  I sincerely want to know.  If you’ve been following for awhile, you know that this is personal for me and I LOVE helping good people, doing good things, do more!  I just happen to believe it’s easier in collaboration.