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How To Keep A Mastermind Group Motivated?

How do you keep a mastermind group going?
How do you keep a mastermind group motivated?

I get these questions in one form or another on a REGULAR basis.

Remember this:  In a mastermind group, performance is accelerated to the degree you get real with yourself and your mastermind group members.

If you want it, ask for it.  Don’t compromise.  Don’t small down because you think your mastermind group members will hate you for being honest.

In my research, the primary reason mastermind groups fall apart are a “lack of keeping it real” and in my book that means not asking for what you want.

I had this mentor once that was fond of saying, “You gotta get real to get rich.”  Now that motto applies to pretty much whatever you want to apply it to.  In this case motivation in your group.

You may not get what you want, but you asked and that’s your part of the equation.

How can you get real and keep that mastermind group motivated?

Alright, first off keep it simple.

Motivation will come with value.  Often when you step up and share what you really want in your group, it allows the others to open up, which causes THEM to engage at a deeper level also.

Want more from your mastermind group partners?  Tell them how they can best support you.  For example if you meet every other week on the phone for an hour:  “I’m not feeling this is as valuable as I’d intended.  I’d really like more honest feedback on my plan” or “Sometimes, I just want to talk out an idea. I don’t need advice. Just to talk it out”.

Those are a GREAT start and I bet your mastermind group partners will thank you for your honesty.  Act. Analyze. Adjust. Repeat.

A healthy mastermind group with people there to truly help each other will absolutely want to hear your feedback. They want to know how best be of service to you.  And isn’t it much easier when someone tells you how you can best serve them?

ACTION STEP:  When it’s your turn in the spotlight at your next mastermind group meeting, share what you want to share and make sure you include “The best way you can support me is…..” and insert that way.  It is guaranteed to increase your return on investment.

The best way you can support me is adding a comment on what’s working in your group as well as what’s not.