Give Love

I recently heard this great song and saw this great video called “Give Love”.

It immediately warmed my heart and renewed my inspiration to spread some love.  I can’t think of a time when showing some love is more appropriate.  It refuels my loyalty to masterminding because it really cuts to the core of what defines a great mastermind group versus the same old tired group meeting that calls itself a “mastermind group”.

Have a listen.  Be with the words and share what it inspires in you.

With all the hurt going on around me, I’m still infinitely grateful for the blessings I have.  In this moments, it reminds me to show some love; give some love….whatever I define that to be to whomever I’m inspired to give some love.

And yes this IS personal!

And yes, this IS business!

Is it giving:   A client, a job, a hug, kind words, dinner out, a check, a gentle touch, a thank you, please, I love you, I appreciate you, the world is a better place with you….whatever it is, it’s perfect.

Tim Sanders even wrote a book about it called “Love Is The Killer App“.  He calls it “Biz Love”.

Sharing your network, knowledge and most impactful, your compassion.

You want to see change in you?  Around you?  Be the change by showing some love.

And speaking of being the change you wish to see in the world, here is a bonus video in honor of the man who is credited with that beautiful quote “be the change you wish to see in the world”

With Gratitude,