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Context vs. Content = Magic Moments

If you’re looking for “magic moments” in your mastermind group, you MUST focus on the context, not the content.

Yes, I know that content is king in other areas, but here, context is king!

It isn’t about the CONTENT; it’s about the CONTEXT, otherwise known as the “structure” of your group.

It’s not just the information and data you bring into your meeting.  The key is the structure you create that facilitates creativity that gives birth to fresh solutions.

Imagine this: You attend a meeting with your team, each one bringing their own agenda.  It’s assumed that you are all there for the same purpose because there is a written agenda for the meeting itself.  But are you sure that everyone is also playing as a team?  Does Jim want what you want?  Is Maria’s top priority to increase sales for the company or to just keep her job?   Are you there to support your team members or to simply air your case?

The meeting proceeds with the more reserved team members jockeying for time when they can in between the dominant speakers and before you know it, that hour has flown by with the members reflecting on what truly was accomplished, resenting that no one really “hears” them and seeing this not as leveraged time versus wasted time.  That’s not a Mastermind, it’s a mob scene.

There is another way….the 1+1=3 Way.

What if team members came together, each with a clear understanding of the other’s personal agendas and a joint agenda for their work as a team?

What if stress levels were down and spirits came up because each member knew for a fact that they got equal stage time and at least for a few minutes they felt completely heard and supported?

What if each person left clear on the value received with solid actions on where to go now and all felt that they came away with more than they brought?

What if performance individually AND as a team increased?

Welcome to the Mastermind group where 1+1=3.  You have created the context; the structure, for the meeting.  You didn’t need more content.  You needed more context.

As always, if you need more clarity around this or something else you see here, give a shout, post a comment, send a carrier pigeon, whatever!