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Dumping the 400 Year Old Paper Business Card

I’ll admit I’ve never been a fan of the paper business card.  And did you know the paper business card is over 400 Years old?

Relationships are everything.  I thrive on a juicy, connected, authentic conversation with an individual doing what they can to add something to this world.

And like the next guy, I abhor the superficial leisure-larry at the event that believes he’s networking by collecting as many business cards as he can and making sure he distributes as many of his as possible.  Because, ya know “it’s a numbers game, right?”.  BAH! That’s an opening for another post, at another time.

Sure, if we connected at an event (you know “clicked”), I want your contact information but now I have to scan the paper business card in, type it in or get an assistant to input the data.

Really? In the 21st century we don’t have a process that’s more efficient AND keeps it personal?

I’ve always dreamed of just automatically exchanging info right there on the spot because in truth, those business cards usually just sit on my desk.  If I actually ASKED for someone’s card, it meant I really did want to connect and I do email, call or connect in some way to continue the conversation but many times the enthusiasm drifts away.

What if I could seize the opportunity to share contact info instantly AND introduce them to others as it hit me AND they stay top of mind?

The BUMP app was pretty cool but, for me, it didn’t seem to allow me to build and “tighten” the relationship as I really operated in daily life out and about.

Welcome the HASHABLE application!

As @Josepf says in an excellent post he wrote on the topic “Hashable is about how well you know who you know“.  And that’s really it, isn’t it.

Well thank you Hashable.  I’m still learning though I’m loving it.

Since Josepf did such an excellent job with his case answering the question “Why Hashable?”, Go read it here.  I’m only interested in tools that genuinely increase connection or improve on ROI not just cool gadgets and I believe Hashable is doing that.  Anything else I can add probably just labors the point he makes so beautifully.

Do comment because I’d love to know YOUR experience.