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What Will Tomorrow’s Results Be?

Tomorrow’s results are largely about the seeds sown today.

How many seeds have you sown today?

Who have you introduced?

How many have you touched today?

Who have you helped connect?

Who did you LISTEN to today? …..just to be there.

Getting booked solid CAN be as basic as sharing your compassion, connections and knowledge but ONLY ONLY ONLY if they are OPEN and given you permission.

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How Will I Know I’ll Do Whatever It Takes?

This was a question a viewer/reader sent in regarding the post on "What Are You Willing To Do?" 

Excellent question and here is my input…

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What Are You WILLING To Do?

Recently, I held a "walk and talk" with fellow big thinker Jennifer L Horton.  I was telling her about the results I've been getting lately by using what I call, the ultimate question….  

"What am I willing to do where I will do whatever it takes?"

And then she remembered something she was taught by Bob Proctor.  He told her there are really only two questions that need to be asked when you say you're going to do something…

1.  Are You Able?

2. Are You Willing?

Sure sounds like a simplified version of my question.  I LOVE it! Simple and easy. 

I interpret this as "Am I physically able to do this in my current reality"  Simple answer, move on.  And then, the most important question that is the best truth detector, "Am I willing to do it?"

I know I want it, I see myself having it, I'm perfectly capable and competent and there is no logical reason not to move forward….am I willing?  …to do whatever it takes?

The answer to this has made a WORLD of difference in the last 90 days and I don't even recognize the former Thomas. 

The power lies in the true answer.  There is NO WRONG or BAD answer.  It's the starting point.  Remember that it's important to have a clear destination and just as critical to have a solid starting point.  Start there, move forward, correct, continue.  

I would LOVE to hear your results and feedback on this tool if you choose to use it.