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What Will Tomorrow’s Results Be?

Tomorrow’s results are largely about the seeds sown today.

How many seeds have you sown today?

Who have you introduced?

How many have you touched today?

Who have you helped connect?

Who did you LISTEN to today? …..just to be there.

Getting booked solid CAN be as basic as sharing your compassion, connections and knowledge but ONLY ONLY ONLY if they are OPEN and given you permission.

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It’s Not Marriage, It’s A Mastermind Group

A Mastermind is an Experience, Not An Academic Pursuit.  It doesn’t require in-depth study.  Just get started!

Most Critical Element of a Mastermind

The critical piece of the mastermind group after creating the structure that will work for you and yield results, is that each person be fully “present” on the other person and come away with more than they contributed.

How do I become “present” for someone?

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Dumping the 400 Year Old Paper Business Card

I’ll admit I’ve never been a fan of the paper business card.  And did you know the paper business card is over 400 Years old?

Relationships are everything.  I thrive on a juicy, connected, authentic conversation with an individual doing what they can to add something to this world.

And like the next guy, I abhor the superficial leisure-larry at the event that believes he’s networking by collecting as many business cards as he can and making sure he distributes as many of his as possible.  Because, ya know “it’s a numbers game, right?”.  BAH! That’s an opening for another post, at another time.

Sure, if we connected at an event (you know “clicked”), I want your contact information but now I have to scan the paper business card in, type it in or get an assistant to input the data.

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Risk. It’s Worth The Reward.

  • Maybe this is the day to stop waiting on finding  that perfect mastermind group and starting your own.
  • Maybe today is the day to say “yes” to that opportunity you’re not sure you can do.
  • Maybe today is the day that you earn your GSD degree.

Paul Jalbert, the founder of The Merlin Project gives a perspective on Risk.


It is said the second most common regret spoken by people in nursing homes is:
“I should have taken more risks.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel better about a risk I take that fails to deliver the experience
I am looking for, than I do about not taking a risk at all.

If you have little to lose in risking, go for it.  You have much more to lose in failing to risk.

Paul Jalbert, founder of The Merlin Project

Getting It Done

Putting the “Service” back in Service Provider

You’ve heard it time and time again, “get specific, niche it d0wn, etc…”

Ok, I understand the meaning of being a specialist so it’s crystal clear to your target market and niche market what you do and who you serve.

So here is my question… What the heck is so wrong with being a service provider of service providers?

Where I’m going with this is when one is a service provider, provide service whether you DIRECTLY solve the problem or not.

For example, let’s say the owner of a restaurant meets a social media specialist and after an enthusiastic chat with a potential client, the restaurant owner determines that he would best be served by a full service public relations firm versus the social media specialist.  Instead of connecting the owner to a great resource, she moves on.

Isn’t it time for service providers to step up as connectors?

They don’t have to necessarily offer a connection product or service.

Want to earn more business? Solve more problems.

Hey, I’m the first to admit, monetizing isn’t my forte.  I DO know that solving problems certainly yields more opportunities.

What would it look like to let go of that ludicrous hyper-focusing and solve problems quickly when people come to you?

“Oh, but I don’t have the capacity to solve everyone’s problem?”  Why not look at it as sorting?

I personally, know that the more problems, challenges, and “wants”,  I hear from people I come across, I get faster and faster at sorting–that is picking up on which I refer out immediately, other solutions I broker and others I can directly solve.

I strongly feel that especially now we must resources around from those that “have” to those that “want” that resource, versus “this is what I do. Buy my stuff in this way”.

What’s your take on this?

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Doing A 90 Day Blitz

“If you can’t measure it, you won’t change it”

I’ve heard that saying hundreds of times and never really “got” it to the degree I do now.  I can tell you that I absolutely know for a fact this works for me.

It truly doesn’t matter what I want to improve.  If I create a metric that measures progress toward or away from the change, it creates a drama-free, emotionally-unattached measurement of progress. A sorely needed tool for many of us visionaries and creative idea generators.

At the end of May, I chose to do another 90 day blitz–an intense, focused 90 days that stretches me.  My first was this winter and I got stunning results, so let’s do it again!

It all starts with laying out a few intentions I’d like manifested.  In other words, stuff I’d like to see happen!  One example from my actual 90 Day Life Blitz is “I am awake by 6am blissfully happy, full of energy, loving to exercise my body, feeling strong.”  Sure, I have a specific financial intention too along with other intentions that I want to make progress with this next 90 days.

I stack the deck in my favor by setting an intention and creating goals that support that intention being achieved.

It leaves the door open to alternate ways of making the intention a reality.  My INTENTION is what I want to happen and the goals are the things I absolutely CAN do.

Example Intention:

I am awake by 6am blissfully happy, full of energy, loving to exercise my body, feeling strong.


Complete every day of the P90X Intense Exercise Workout.

Notice, that the goal is absolutely in my control.  I know that I make the rules, so why not set it up for success.

The fact is if the intention above is the goal, I really can’t just MAKE myself pop out of bed blissfully happy but I CAN do the things that cause that to be a reality.

What absolutely does NOT work for me is where there is allowance for failure from the start.

For example, let’s take a financial goal.  Say you’d like to bring in an extra $10,000 in the next 90 days.  If you’re like most people, you say “My intention is to bring in $10,000 in the next 90 days”, then you get busy, getting busy and then the date gets closer and you’re “Oh crap, how can I make that happen?”.

You start pounding the pavement, make phone calls, doing whatever you can and maybe you achieve, may you don’t.  I mean let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter whether it’s $1, $100, $10,000 or $1Mil, it still relies on someone else and that is something we aren’t able to control.

Why not set it up from the start:

A fresh perspective….

Intention:  Bring in an extra $10,000 in the next 90 days.

Goal:  To attend 20 in-person events with the purpose of networking, to make 20 sales presentations, to make 100 sales calls, etc…..

Now, I get busy doing those things I’ve proven that I can do and that I believe will lead to that intention manifesting into reality.  I tweak it weekly and of course have someone that helps hold me accountable.

Now, it’s your turn.  I’d genuinely like to know your intentions.  What would you like to see change in your life?  What is important enough that you’re willing to share?  Remember that we stand for collaboration around here.