The purpose of is to start a conversation so that we, together can be the change we want to see in this new world economy…it’s starts with YOUR personal economy.

I say “we” because it’s not going to happen alone.

Business isn’t coming back, it’s going forward.  There has never been a better time to come together, connect, collaborate, share, and inspire each other to not just stay in the game but to evolve the game.

My name is Thomas Mangum.  “Thank YOU” doesn’t even scratch the surface with the depth of gratitude and appreciate I have for you to even click “About”.

Why?  Because you took 2 seconds to click, that tells me that the word “Masterminding” brings up some curiosity for you.

I believe that change is exponentially multiplied with the principles of “masterminding.”  Think of masterminding as the master ingredient to other ingredients in a recipe.  It has the power to accelerate the process regardless of the process.

According to the late great Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich……a Mastermind group is two or more people coming together with a common vision or objective and doing so in the spirit of harmony.

The harmony part is the key and is almost ALWAYS the problem area OR the area that moves a mob scene to a mastermind.  That’s where 1+1=3.

Mr Hill said “Maintain perfect harmony between yourself and every member of your master mind group. If you fail to carry out this instruction to the letter, you may expect to meet with failure. The master mind principle cannot obtain where perfect harmony does not prevail.”

At MastermindingNOW!

  1. It’s our mission to help you learn the power of Masterminding and Mastermind groups to get stuff done….better…quicker…more effectively..delivering a higher ROI.
  2. we use and can help you leverage this tool by sharing only the field-tested techniques that truly create “mastermind magic” in your business.  In other words, taking it past just the knowledge and actually help you apply it.

Let’s keep it real here.  There is a lot of content out there on HOW to create a mastermind group and even more content on how to get your business booked solid.  And many more places that claim to offer a mastermind group.  In most cases, it’s a cute buzzword attached to the same old support group or group coaching program.  Do you really need more ideas and content?

And if it’s working for you, great.  If you aren’t getting the results and “pop” you’re looking for, check this out.

The “harmony” piece is where we do our magic.  It’s where our experience in countless collaboration groups yields the true gold for you.

It is NOT simply the mechanics of the principle.  You MUST have proper intention and context is CRITICAL to truly yield “Mastermind magic” and move from “going through the motions” to “fully committed and engaged”.

About Thomas Mangum

Through helping driven entrepreneurs get their business booked solid, I’m regularly called on as the “go to guy”—to help them pivot and reinvent what’s possible.

Since 2002, taking part and being on the inside of several high dollar, exclusive mastermind groups, I have created, experienced and observed many collaborative group experiences.  Seeing the good, the bad, the downright ugly and those rare few that produce “magic moments”, cultivated a passion for a) bringing this experience to as many people as possible and b) putting the tools in place to to create more of those “magic moments”, more of the time.

“If your mastermind group isn’t some of the most highly leveraged time of your week, you’re off track”.

There is a way.  The 1+1=3 Way™.  “Magic” moments aren’t just possible, they are virtually guaranteed.

If I can support you on your next podcast, webinar, workshop or team meeting, do call on me. 

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