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How To Keep A Mastermind Group Motivated?

How do you keep a mastermind group going?
How do you keep a mastermind group motivated?

I get these questions in one form or another on a REGULAR basis.

Remember this:  In a mastermind group, performance is accelerated to the degree you get real with yourself and your mastermind group members.

If you want it, ask for it.  Don’t compromise.  Don’t small down because you think your mastermind group members will hate you for being honest.

In my research, the primary reason mastermind groups fall apart are a “lack of keeping it real” and in my book that means not asking for what you want.

I had this mentor once that was fond of saying, “You gotta get real to get rich.”  Now that motto applies to pretty much whatever you want to apply it to.  In this case motivation in your group.

Getting It Done

Dumping the 400 Year Old Paper Business Card

I’ll admit I’ve never been a fan of the paper business card.  And did you know the paper business card is over 400 Years old?

Relationships are everything.  I thrive on a juicy, connected, authentic conversation with an individual doing what they can to add something to this world.

And like the next guy, I abhor the superficial leisure-larry at the event that believes he’s networking by collecting as many business cards as he can and making sure he distributes as many of his as possible.  Because, ya know “it’s a numbers game, right?”.  BAH! That’s an opening for another post, at another time.

Sure, if we connected at an event (you know “clicked”), I want your contact information but now I have to scan the paper business card in, type it in or get an assistant to input the data.