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Risk. It’s Worth The Reward.

  • Maybe this is the day to stop waiting on finding  that perfect mastermind group and starting your own.
  • Maybe today is the day to say “yes” to that opportunity you’re not sure you can do.
  • Maybe today is the day that you earn your GSD degree.

Paul Jalbert, the founder of The Merlin Project gives a perspective on Risk.


It is said the second most common regret spoken by people in nursing homes is:
“I should have taken more risks.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel better about a risk I take that fails to deliver the experience
I am looking for, than I do about not taking a risk at all.

If you have little to lose in risking, go for it.  You have much more to lose in failing to risk.

Paul Jalbert, founder of The Merlin Project