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The Same Brain That Created The Problem Isn’t The One To Solve It

Humans are built to collaborate…if we ALLOW ourselves.

We create more together than we can alone.  This allowing is where the breakthroughs happen.  If we don’t allow, then we continue to get what we’ve gotten.

I recognized this as a pattern when I listened to Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft talk about what it takes to be move from being a $300K business versus a $3M business.

I’ve witnessed that there is a barrier that we bump up against again and again and wonder why we get stopped out at that same place.  Fundamentally, we are using what got us HERE to take us THERE and that isn’t working.


A different  perspective, fresh ideas, etc… and the easiest place to get that?  Other people!

#1  Collaborate with others

#2  Go one better, create a mastermind group and mastermind a solution

A quick 50 sec video that I recorded as we started a walking mastermind group called “The Walk & Talk”

What do you think?




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all that is masterminding and mastermind groups.  

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