The Mastermind Manifesto from Thomas Mangum

NOW is the most critical time I’ve ever seen to come to together; to communicate; to collaborate; to contribute and make a difference in life.

It will NOT happen alone!

There are dozens of places to learn the mechanics of mastermind groups and just as many groups called “mastermind groups” paid and free.  The true key where the team at MastermindingNOW! excel is engaging “the 1+1=3 Way“; fostering a place of trust, authenticity, abundance and harmony where “magic moments” aren’t elusive, they are guaranteed.

I’ve played a part in the success of some amazing mastermind groups including “one of the most exclusive wealth retreats in the world”.  I’ve collaborated quietly with group after group….in the background…until now!

I’ve entertained call after call as business owners and company leaders have consulted me to help them create, accelerate and leverage results through collaboration whether they are called mastermind groups, idea potlucks,  synergy groups, among others.

There is one common denominator with those that reach out. They believe in the sheer power of collaboration or as I call it, The 1+1=3 Way. They believe and have seen that 1+1=2 is old school, scarcity mentality crap.

And let me be crystal clear here.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re the CEO of Boeing, the Secretary of State, or an up and coming entrepreneur.  These principles are human and when you remember that which makes you human, possibility exists.  Where possibility exists, solutions happen in cooperation with collaborators.

The time has come to stand up and pass forward the knowledge, resources and soul of conscious collaboration.

MastermindingNOW! does NOT sell a bunch of products or services.  We sell SOLUTIONS!  We are the go-to source of collaboration and collaboration mastery.

Yes, it’s different.  Yes, it’s unusual.  Yes, it’s strange in today’s world of every business essentially copying each other and using the same models.

Are you REALLY looking for a fresh solution from another coaching or consulting company?

Do you expect to find an answer from the same old thing?

It truly is time to move from the boring, time-wasting, posturing, mob scene meetings to masterful mastermind moments.  It truly is time to move from the same old therapy-model coaching and consulting to granting wishes and manifesting solutions by collaborating NOW!

I’m proud to support you as you support conscious capitalism and create mastermind magic moments.  If you don’t “get it” or you aren’t curious, this is NOT FOR YOU.  You MUST know that you do your best work in collaboration with others and in the spirit of cooperation.

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and better yet connect to converse.

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Accelerate The Results Of Your Team With A Code of Honor

Whether it’s your mastermind group, football team or your relationship, the performance and results it achieves will be largely dependent on “how tight you call the game”, as Blair Singer states in The ABCs of Building A Team That Wins.

It’s so strange that I’ve met so few people that use this key technique to dramatically change the construct of the game.  Personally, this is has moved a mastermind group from mediocre to magic moments.

The basic premise is to have a unifying “code” by which all on the team agree and commit to, no matter what.  At least SOMETHING that will unify agendas to carry the team through when the going gets tough and propel a good team to great results.

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Perfection Kills

Results happen when you’re in the process, otherwise known as ACTION.

Perfection causes inaction and distraction.

And to be clear, I’m definitely speaking from my own personal experience.

Take the MastermindingNOW! company as an example.  It is a process of flying the plane and building the plane, as my friend Sharon Sayler likes to say.

It’s one of the very core differences I stand for that makes a HUGE difference in the mastermind formats I evangelize.

Get real. Get Raw. RIGHT NOW!  It will be perfect for the moment. Trust.

Several years ago, I would never have done such a thing, because it had to be perfect, right?  People would think me an amateur if it wasn’t all pretty and perfect.  Perhaps some people do believe that and what does it matter to those that have been waiting for just this resource.

My point is, please don’t wait.  Share your passion.  Do that which inspires you. Take the actions that you think may be imperfect.  It’s those consistent turtle steps that yield the results.

Does this resonate?  Share by posting a comment or sending it to someone you care about.

You see, I need you and you need me, because I know for a fact that we create more together than we can alone and as far as I know I have a very short blip on the universal timeline to make use of what I’m given.  What about you?

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The Mastermind Principle – Napoleon Hill

Listen as the late, great Napoleon Hill shares a few key success elements of the mastermind principle.

The word Mastermind Group is bantered about freely and I truly believe that the three keys that Mr. Hill refers to in Think & Grow Rich about masterminds are misinterpreted or overlooked by most people I run into that have used the principle.  Thus, the results people have with their mastermind group aren’t what they expect.

Listen, learn, and share what you got from this.  Let’s build a mastermind that yields those unique and special “mastermind magic moments” more often than not.

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Do You Need A Tribe? Seth Godin’s Response

“I don’t want everyone to have a tribe. I only want people who want the world to change to have a tribe….” “…the world is lined up in a way now that instead of having to have power or cash, you can make change merely by leading people who want to go somewhere”  –Seth Godin, author of Tribes, Linchpin, et al.

….IF you will stand up and lead your tribe

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One Tribe

One Tribe?

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The Most Powerful Question Is…


Yes, “why?” in my opinion is the powerful one in my book.

Yes, Yes, I know “How?” is pretty powerful too, though I believe “why” edges it out for top spot.

If I could have two, I’d take both!

For example, in my mastermind groups, “How Can I …..?” is probably the most powerful generator of ideas. It is a high leverage question if you allow the answers to flow and not judge them.

When I’m in conversation with someone one-to-one, I like to ask lots of “why” questions because it reveals so much to me.  The answers that are said and the answers that aren’t, say a lot…at least they do to me because I genuinely care about the meanings.

Look at it this way.  If I ask “What do you do?”, it’s a stock question.  Even if I ask it with complete presence and authenticity, I can go deeper, faster by asking “Why do you do what you do?”.  Even “how” in this example isn’t as effective.  “What do you do?” “How do you do it?” are a bit superficial for me.  They are, of course, helpful and will be useful questions later, though I still want to go for the heart first and then move out to What, How, Who, When, etc…

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Why is this cause so important to you?
  • Why does it matter to your clients to….?
  • Why do you live in San Diego?
  • Why are you here today?

I guarantee you that the answers will always be revealing, interesting and generate a unique conversation that you couldn’t have expected.

Want to move past the “small talk” and always have “large talk” conversations like this?  That’s what you get with the mastermind group techniques that I share.  In the end, don’t make time for the “small talk”.  Start on your path to Mastermind Mastery by downloading the guide at

Experiment with this in your next conversation and leave an impression that you genuinely care which will increase your likeability factor.

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From Meeting To Mastermind: When One plus One Equals Three

When does 1+1=3?

According to mastermind group participants that I’ve heard from in the last 8 years, they’ve told me they agree that when they came together to mastermind with a common objective and did so in the spirit of harmony, they indeed left with more than they came with.  Whether that was energy, ideas, resources, etc…

Can your meeting make that claim?

Or, have your meeting experiences been like so many others where you came away feeling “less” than when you arrived?

Wouldn’t you think that when people meet with a common objective, that more is created together? And certainly if they believed in and were inspired by the common objective?

I mean really, isn’t that wasted time, mental and emotional energy if more DOESN’T come of it?

There IS a better way.  The Meeting to Mastermind way that we teach here at

I must say, though, that it DOES start with your intention and commitment to being authentic and supporting your fellow meeting participants to build trust.

When you’re ready to move your tired old meetings to masterminds that actually create “magic moments”, then engage and make a difference.

At the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather look back and say, “That was time well invested” versus “time wasted”?

I’ll leave you with this quote.  It certainly reminds me how powerful I can be to others when I bring a spirit of harmony to a team.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Quote by Marianne Williamson
What are you doing to be part of the solution?
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Time To Upgrade Your Peer Group?

I hear it all the time.  “I just have to find more like-minded people”, “I need more positive people around me”, “Where can I find cool mastermind partners?”

Well here is your chance!  I’m a big believer in mastermind, support, collaboration, co-mentoring groups.  Shoot…anything that brings people together.  In fact, I’ve been a total geek about it for 8 years.

Why? Because I know (and I know you know in your heart too) that when individuals come together RESULTS happen.

Today, I want to share three powerful ways you can radically transform your your results.

1.   Take Care of Yourself BEFORE others

Yes, I said it!  To be of best service to others, you MUST take care of YOU.  Feed your body, mind and soul if you are going stay in the game and do good for others.
I see it every day as I work with clients and goodness knows it’s a smack-in-the-head-reminder to me too.  Breathing out requires breathing in or you’re going to pass out and be no good to anyone!
What does that look like?  Look at what recharges your soul — A walk on the beach, a massage, a good run, a superfood smoothie, getting a really good hug, a solid 8 hrs sleep?  Even a couple deep breaths at your desk will work wonders.  This is your choice, but you MUST, absolutely MUST do it.

2.   Hang With Your Tribe

Find “your people” and schedule time to be with them.  Your “tribe” are those people that energize and inspire you to be your best self; to do your best work.  Let the excuses go and deliberately create the reality that you want.
  • Call — Pick up the phone and call a friend that inspires you; you enjoy; that FUELS you.  Trust me, they will MAKE time if you start off with “Hey I’m reaching out because you inspire me….” or “I’m calling because I like when you….”.  Who doesn’t love that?  Tell them what they do for you.
  • Meet — Call some buds and meetup at the local pub or cafe.  Take point and make it happen (this really is doing it for you primarily and it’s a bonus that they will feel good too!)  I’m quite fond of “Walk & Talks” where I get to walk and meet with friends and associates.

3.   Build A New Tribe

If you have a great tribe around here, excellent, build on that.  If you’re being honest with yourself and want to attract a better tribe, read on.

Put yourself in situations where you are expanding your scope of influence.

It’s time again to LET GO of excuses and BE THE SOLUTION.  Deliberately allow yourself to find good people that are also looking for you.  Go to meetup groups around something you enjoy.  Join Toastmasters, go to a self-development, business-development workshop each month.  And of course, start a new mastermind group!!!  You know who to call for help with that right?

The bonus is you’ll learn something new.  The primary goal is to elevate the quality of people you’re hanging with by going to places where people like something you like.

Bottom Line:  I stress coming together with others because in the absence of knowing what to do in your life, business, relationship, whatever, someone else is the solution to that challenge–if and only IF you allow it.

Let that one sink in.  You KNOW that the same mind that created the problem, isn’t going to be the one that solves it.  Let us help you help you.

(TAKE A DEEP BREATH)  Ahhhh- it’s receiving time.  It’s breathing IN time.

Make NOW Extraordinary!

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The Same Brain That Created The Problem, Isn’t Going to Solve It

Humans are built to collaborate…if we ALLOW ourselves.

We create more together than we can alone.  This allowing is where the breakthroughs happen.  If we don’t allow, then we continue to get what we’ve gotten.

I recognized this as a pattern when I listened to Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft talk about what it takes to be move from being a $300K business versus a $3M business.

I’ve witnessed that there is a barrier that we bump up against again and again and wonder why we get stopped out at that same place.  Fundamentally, we are using what got us HERE to take us THERE and that doesn’t always work.

What’s the Solution?

A different  perspective, fresh ideas, etc… and the fastest, easiest place to get that?  Other people!  It’s certainly worth a quick conversation rather than beating your head against the wall “trying” to figure it out.

#1  Collaborate with others

#2  Go one better, create a mastermind group and mastermind a solution

A quick 50 sec video that I recorded as we started a walking mastermind group called “The Walk & Talk”

What do you think?


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