The Mastermind Principle – Napoleon Hill

Listen as the late, great Napoleon Hill shares a few key success elements of the mastermind principle.

The word Mastermind Group is bantered about freely and I truly believe that the three keys that Mr. Hill refers to in Think & Grow Rich about masterminds are misinterpreted or overlooked by most people I run into that have used the principle.  Thus, the results people have with their mastermind group aren’t what they expect.

Listen, learn, and share what you got from this.  Let’s build a mastermind that yields those unique and special “mastermind magic moments” more often than not.

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  • PTaubman

    Greetings, Thomas!

    Just taking a moment to let you know I am digging the Blog! Lots of great content that I am getting from it! Today's missive reminds me to go back and re-read some of Mr. Hill's works! Always a good read!

    Thanks again!

    Be Well.

  • thomasmangum

    Thanks Paul! Great to see your post. Glad you're getting value from it. It's a labor of love and 100% me.