Book Yourself Solid—It’s All Up To You

I asked a close friend that is a very “booked” speaker and trainer  “do you want your business to be booked solid?”  She responded, “oh no, I don’t want to be booked solid.  I’m already on the road 3 weeks of every month and am in front of plenty of people”.
Curious, I asked her “so what do you think being booked solid means?”.  She responded “speaking every day of the week, on the road all the time, sleeping in hotels, missing my daughter and friends.  Pretty much no life!”

Does that sound like something good or bad?  I can’t tell you that.  For my friend in the story, it was NOT a good thing. For someone else, they may sound like heaven.

The question is personal.  And to achieve more in your business.  To live a more harmonious and fulfilled life, you and you alone define that.  The fun thing about this is there is no wrong answer and it’s all about to you.

  • What does being booked solid mean to you?
  • What is the immediate feeling that comes to mind?
  • and more importantly why is your business being booked solid important in your life?
No matter your business, this is one of the key questions that must be answered or we’re just wasting time.   You’ll NEVER be booked solid and you’ll NEVER have “enough”.

I’ve asked many people over the last 5 years “what does being business booked solid mean to you?” and I don’t think I’ve had the same answer twice.

You see, there have been assumptions on their part of what they thought I was getting at.  But I’m not “getting at” anything other than THEIR definition.

For me, when each time I ponder the question, I think more along the lines of “If my life is ideal, it looks and feels like this….”.  I include all the elements of quality of relationships, the way I feel, who I work with, how they operate, what I earn, health, fitness, time.  Those are all in my expanded definition of being booked solid.  Health is a big one for me because I look at this way.  If I’m not healthy and feeling good, then having all the business in the world isn’t worth anything to me and my family is it?

The more thoughtful and expansive your definition, the more likely you will “be booked solid”.     The clearer that destination will be for you and those you engage to help you along the way.

Remember that you make the rules.  You define the elements you love and those you don’t.  You and you alone have the choice to move more of the positive elements of being booked solid into your business to live a more fulfilled and harmonious life.

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