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How Will I Know I’ll Do Whatever It Takes?

This was a question a viewer/reader sent in regarding the post on "What Are You Willing To Do?"  Excellent question and here is my input…

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What Are You WILLING To Do?

Recently, I held a "walk and talk" with fellow big thinker Jennifer L Horton.  I was telling her about the results I've been getting lately by using what I call, the ultimate question….   "What am I willing to do … Continue reading

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What Would I Do Different If I Could Do the 90 Days Again?

That was the question a reader asked me to answer regarding the life overhaul I began 90 days ago.   I recorded this little 3 minute video to answer that question.   Happy Anniversary to me!! Today's 90 days in … Continue reading

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This is the FIRE part of the Ready, Aim, Fire….

…but I’m more the fan of FIRE first. Please stand by as gets a facelift and becomes the new source of Mastermind Group Mastery. In the meantime, please contact Thomas Mangum at or follow the tweets at … Continue reading

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